Montreux Jazz Festival
The Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 poster. Katrin-Olina is the second woman to design the poster after Niki de Saint Phalle in 1984.
Press release
2007 Montreux Jazz Festival Poster designed by Icelandic artist Katrin Olina

Montreux, Switzerland, 18.05.07 - Presenting an exciting glimpse of the Festival’s first post-40th anniversary, the poster designed by Katrin Petursdottir (Katrin Olina) symbolises the Montreux Jazz Festival’s desire to keep moving forward. A visually ambitious work of art, the poster perfectly encapsulates the Festival’s goal of combining energy and enthusiasm with a global outlook. More than ever, the Festival is an experience designed for the public, inviting it to join a unique artistic journey.
The poster presents an imaginary world inhabited by fantastical musical characters, all picking up and playing various instruments. Katherine E. Nelson, who wrote an article about the artist in Print magazine, has this warning for those expecting typical Scandinavian minimalism from Katrin Petursdottir: “you’re on the wrong planet��?. The artist’s creations, which lie somewhere between art and graphic design, would be more easily classified as ethereal. Each piece can be viewed as a story still being created, which she has plucked from her dreams. Her work is “kinetic and instinctive, its development is intuitive". Designing the poster for the Montreux Jazz Festival fits perfectly with her creative process, which she considers “closer to making music than to painting".

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