Friends of Steel
The furniture pieces, which Olina calls Friends of Steel, tie into the rug because they derive from the world of Miklimeir. The series consists of the Bookdog book case, the Puffa stool, the Black Lady table, Mirror and the Black Box cabinet. According to Olina, the furniture pieces are basic bent steel structures but each have each a particular character, like letters of an alphabet or characters from the visual worlds she's created. They were produced by a local steel workshop in Iceland and are based on the strict processes of steel bending.
Olina feels a special affinity for the Bookdog. “As we all know, books, papers and magazines pile up around the home. That is where the faithful Bookdog bares its teeth. He carries your reading material on his back and will follow you wherever you go – the bedroom, bathroom or sofa – never happier than when he’s at your feet,"? she explains.

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