Primitiva-Talismans at Helsinki Design Week 2015
Hello folks, I'm presenting a brand new project titled Primitiva-Talismans, in the rear garden tower of the Helsinki Observatory during Helsinki Design Week 2015. The project presents a lexicon of 40 talismans in bronze, developed with digital manufacturing technologies and produced by Finnish jewellers at Kalevala Koru. Additionally, the exhibition introduces my corresponding publication, Primitiva, Book of Talismans. It consists of 40 short texts and illustrations and can be used either as a guide to the Primitiva collection or enjoyed on its own as a collection of ideas and inspirations. Please visit a new web site that is being launched for this project: www.primitiva.fi and my FB page:Katrin Olina for information. Thank you!

Vernacular Iceland, Exhaust Bricolage at Stockholm furniture fair 2015
Vernacular Iceland is a concept platform that works with the constraints and skills of local makers and their tools. It looks for creativity in unexpected places and embraces diversity in tradition of style and material uses. It looks for beauty in the discarded and seeks opportunities to reuse, reapply the old and to combine design processes with local methods.
Vernacular Iceland values diversity, individuality and creative sincerity.

Owl, 09.10.14
Some time ago I dreamt that I was walking to a school located high up in the mountain somewhere in South America. As I entered the ancient school buildings I was greeted by a walking owl that instantly began to teach me a new language.
Yesterday, as I was visiting Guimarães Castle in North Portugal* she turned up to check how my homework was coming along. What can I say? It’s been damn tough, especially the grammar!
* Guimarães is a town that’s often referred to as the "birthplace of the Portuguese nationality", located in the north of Portugal, about 40 km from Porto.

Designboom interview/March 2014

ADD, Aalto digital design laboratory. Helsinki 2014

In recent years Katrin Olina has been developing a Universe and a method of storytelling through analogue and digital drawing. She uses the idea of the journey as a creative process to build her stories. Along the way the building elements of the story are discovered and the journey is created.
Katrin Olina is currently collaborating with ADD to bring elements from her universe into 3D with the technology and the expertise that the Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory offers.http://addlab.aalto.fi/design-research/artist-in-residence/1-katrin-olina

New web site 2012
Dear visitor.

Happy New Year and welcome to my new web site.
Over the next weeks we will be tweaking, adding texts and images and tuning. Its work in progress.
Stay in the flow.

Presenting "Miklimeir the magician" at Spark Design Space, Reykjavik, Iceland.
There is a long tradition of using rugs to tell stories and the exhibition features carpets depicting the unfolding world of Miklimeir and his magic gardening.